RWS composer e Austin Thompson, also known as EDM artist Dino Brawl, will be providing a service to percussion students around the world. With the ongoing quarantine students are facing during the COVID-19 crises, music students have lost a great number of performance opportunities. Austin is going to give one back:

“Tune in this Wednesday, April 8 2020, at 2:00 EST/1:00 CST, for a live stream from my home studio. I’ll be discussing and performing my piece EDM Solos for the Progressive Percussionist. Come hang out, ask me some questions, and learn what makes this piece a ton of fun whether you are stuck at home or back at school with your friends!” – e Austin Thompson aka Dino Brawl.

This event will be live from the RWS Music Company Facebook page.

EDM Solos for the Progressive Percussionist provides a free EDM accompaniment recording to the percussion soloist to perform along with. You can download it here.

We challenge all percussion students to post your recordings of EDM Solos for the Progressive Percussionist and post them on Twitter @RWSMusic and @eatcomposer for us to share with the World!

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