Happy Birthday CoverNavarre, FL – September 28, 2015 – The RWS Music Company has released Happy Birthday To You arranged by Robert W. Smith.

The Happy Birthday Song, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, is the most performed song in the world. With the ground breaking federal court ruling on September 22, 2015, declaring the song in the public domain, the RWS Music Company acted quickly to be the first publisher to release a new arrangement for concert band.

CEO/President Robert W. Smith states, “Happy Birthday To You” is part of our cultural fabric and performed every day throughout the United States and world. I am very pleased this traditional melody is now available for all to use as we celebrate birthdays in every facet of our society. This new arrangement for concert band is playable by young bands and sight readable by more experienced bands. It is presented in two separate keys to accommodate the vocal ranges of children and adults alike. We believe this will be a standard in the concert band repertoire.”

Distributed exclusively by C.L. Barnhouse Company in Oskaloosa, IA, the RWS Music Company arrangement of Happy Birthday To You is available at your local music dealer as well as selects dealers throughout Europe and Asia.

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