At the RWS Music Company we understand the challenges facing band directors during this unprecedented time. Smaller class sizes and distance learning are creating new performance necessities, and we are prepared to fulfill those needs.

With the mandated smaller class sizes, many groups have elected to have brass, percussion, and woodwinds in separate classes. A growing genre in the US is brass band, and the RWS Music Company has some works we know you and your brass players will love. For your consideration here is Robert W. Smith‘s composition for brass band, Swing, featured in this video by the Oklahoma University “Pride Of Oklahoma” marching band.

Swing is the third movement of Robert’s suite for Brass band American Dances. This suite includes movements 2,  Square and movement 1, Rag.

These works for brass ensemble will allow your band to maintain social distance and still provide high quality and educational performance opportunities. Be on the lookout for works featuring Woodwinds and Percussion soon!

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