Music Submission Instructions

For composers interested in submitting music to RWS Music Company for publication consideration, please note the following information:

  1. We accept unsolicited music submissions from composers who are seeking a publisher.
  2. If you have music that you feel is appropriate for publishing, please send the following:
    • A cover letter with your name, address, phone, and email address, also listing the title(s) of the music you are submitting and a description of the work.
    • PDF of the full score. Please do not send any parts.
    • Recording of each title you are submitting. A “live” performance in MP3 format is preferable; synthesized renditions created from Finale or Sibelius are also acceptable.
  3. Please use the link below to submit materials. Do not submit materials via any other delivery method. Hard copy materials sent by postal mail or other delivery services will not be considered, returned, or acknowledged.
  4. Due to the seasonal nature of music publishing, the response time on your submission may vary. Please be patient as the review process is detailed and time-consuming. We will respond with a confirmation of receipt of your materials. The results of our review sent at a later date. We do review all submissions received and will respond as early as possible.
  5. Please note we cannot review arrangements of copyrighted works that are not in the public domain.

Thank you for your interest in RWS Music Company!