The RWS Music Company’s first album, “A Worldwide Christmas (Concert Band For The Holidays)”, was released Saturday, November 23rd, 2019. The album represents an exciting new chapter for the RWS Music Company. “A Worldwide Christmas (Concert Band For The Holidays)” features elite quality recordings produced by the RWS Music Company featuring the RWS Winds, a professional recording ensemble based in the Washington D.C. area. Also featured is the Alabama Winds, a nationally renowned community band featured at the Midwest Band & Orchestra Clinic and performed world premieres for several well known composers.

“A Worldwide Christmas (Concert Band For The Holidays)” will be available on all domestic distribution platforms including iTunes (, YouTube, and other streaming services.

RWS Music Company is an independent music publisher dedicated to producing music of impeccable artistic and educational value. RWS Music Company products are distributed exclusively by C.L. Barnhouse Company in Oskaloosa, IA. RWS Music Company publications are available at your local music dealer as well as select dealers throughout Europe and Asia.

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